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Противопожарные клапаны BKP-EN

  • Противопожарные клапаны BKP-EN
Противопожарные клапаны BKP-EN

Fields of application

Fire dampers, installed in ventilation ducts of ventilation and air conditioning systems, are used for the automatic locking of fire lobbies.
The fire damper BKP-EN conforms to EN 15650 and has been tested according to EN 1366-2. It is in possession of the Performance Reliability Certificate (according to EU-BauPVO) 0761-CPR-0350 and the Declaration of Performance No. 09-23-DoP-BKP-EN-2013-11-01. Its classification according to EN 13501-3 is EI 90 (ve , ho , i↔o) S or EI 120 (ve , ho , i↔o) S, depending on the mounting situation.


Fire dampers close automatically in the event of a fire due to thermal triggering (fusible link, thermoelectric trigger).
They are triggered by fusible links ("mechanically") or thermoelectrically (when using electric spring return actuators).
The additional use of smoke trigger devices allows smoke detection, followed by triggering.
In this way, fire dampers prevent propagation of the fire and transmission of smoke to adjacent fire lobbies.