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Изогнутые потолочные щелевые диффузоры DSC-CURV

  • Изогнутые потолочные щелевые диффузоры DSC-CURV
Изогнутые потолочные щелевые диффузоры DSC-CURV

Fields of application

The curved ceiling slot diffuser model DSC-CURV is suitable for rooms from 2.6 m to 4 m in height.
The air deflection blades adjustable from below allow a wide range throw directions to be set. Thus, the air flow pattern can be adjusted from vertical, for heating mode, to horizontal, for cooling mode. In cooling mode, the air throw pattern can be set to one-sided or double-sided. Preference is given to a one-sided air throw pattern in the direction "outside". The blades generate a stable jet. This produces good induction, while effectively reducing the speed and temperature difference of the supply air jet.
The ceiling slot diffuser can be manufactured as 1-, 2- or 3-slot model and is available either as single piece or in band design. Moreover, it can be combined with the ceiling slot diffuser DSC.


The large free volumetric flow cross sections allows high air throughput compared with other slot diffusers. Its stable air flow and good induction allow the slot diffuser DSC-CURV to be used in cooling mode up to ΔT0 ≤ -8 K.
The initial pressure generated by the blades ensures a uniform distribution of the air across the total length of the slot diffuser.
The central arrangement of the blades ensures that the free cross-section always stays the same. As a result, pressure loss and noise level will not change even when the blades are adjusted.
A subsequent adjustment of the air throw pattern on site is possible at any time, due to the fact that the air deflection blades of the SCHAKO DSC-CURV are easily adjustable from the outside as is customary with SCHAKO.
If a certain blade position is specified in the order, it will be set ex works.

Volumetric flow range

40 – 140 m³/h per metre per slot, use in in VAV systems of 100 - 40 %