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Потолочные вытесняющие диффузоры DAV-F

  • Потолочные вытесняющие диффузоры DAV-F
Потолочные вытесняющие диффузоры DAV-F

Fields of application

For use in connection with a particle filter box where low-induction supply air is to be introduced from the ceiling, for example clean rooms of the pharmaceutical, electrical, precision mechanics and optical industries, and for hospitals and laboratories.
The DAV-F is suitable both for isothermal intake temperatures and slight cooling mode of 6 K. The mounting height is up to 5 m for freely suspended installation or installation flush with the ceiling.


The ceiling displacement diffuser DAV-F produces a bell-shaped displacement flow, in order to form fresh air zones in rooms contaminated with hazardous substances or odours. The local fresh air zones allow the supply air volume to be reduced compared with mixed air systems. Its low-induction and low-turbulence flow reduces the amount of cleaning required since the ceilings become less dirty. That's because a mixed flow is created near the diffuser, which means that the ceiling and the diffuser itself are less prone to particles being deposited on the diffuser or near the ceiling. This is also supported by the easy-to-clean faceplate.

Volumetric flow range

260 - 1100 m³/h